• Power?
    No Problem for BTS!
    J.D. Coon’s 2008 Shelby GT500
    just keeps running faster with
    his BTS Transmission.
  • Got Torque?
    Got Boost?
    All BTS Transmissions put horsepower &
    torque to the ground efficiently! At the track or
    on the street, BTS Transmissions never stop!
  • "Thunder"
    Down The Track
    BTS Transmissions have driven Lightnings
    to the finish since 2003.

About BTS

Brian's Truck Shop began building transmissions in 1990. The engine performance was always there, but the Ford factory transmissions were not. We have spent years learning and developing transmission modifications that meet the needs of an ever-growing performance market. 

Over the years, technology has advanced greatly and with it, so has the performance needs of our customers. We continue to meet those needs with our ingenuity and willingness to evolve.